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Meet The Owners

Hi! I'm Meg. I became a certified sommelier because I love wine. After working in the industry for years, I wanted to own my own shop to teach people about wine--to demystify it and show people how fun, affordable, and delicious wine can be. I love introducing people to new varietals and regions they've never heard of. And if you aren't a wine lover yet, come see me, and I'll find something you'll like. I'm also a foodie, so when I'm not at the shop, I'm probably trying out a new recipe or restaurant (or reading a good book-with a glass of wine of course!) Swing by, say hi, and join our wine family! 

Hello! My name is Rich. I've worked in the food and beverage industry for over 15 years. I've work in food and wine pairing, as well as ordering. I keep our beer fridge stocked, and try to support local brewers as much as we can. Bourbon is a passion of mine and I do my best to track down highly allocated, rare, and hard to find bourbons. But whether you're drinking wine, beer, or bourbon, the trick is to drink with good people. In my free time, I like to get outside, either golfing, camping, or playing with my dog Otter. Feel free to stop in and pick my brain. We are here to help and happy to introduce people to good wine!

The Wine Shop at Tony's Owners

Contact Us

4991 E. Dry Creek Road, Centennial, CO 80122

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