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Wine Shop Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

What is more magical than sitting with your loved ones, opening thoughtful little gifts in your stocking by the fire on Christmas morning? Isn't it even better if those thoughtful little gifts are alcohol?

Stop by the store to see our selection of stocking sized beverages to share with your loved ones. You'll find them displayed by the main entrance on the wine barrel, but here's a list of just a few of our favorites.

Laws Variety Pack

This box from Laws Whiskey House (right here in Denver) features four 100ml bottles of their top selling bourbons: four grain, straight malt, straight wheat, and straight rye. Wrap up the box, or break it up into 4 mini gifts!

Don Nacho Tequila Tasting

Our favorite tequila now comes in a sampler pack, featuring four elegant sipping tequilas. The pack includes: 2 blanco, 1 reposado, & 1 anejo. They are delicious to enjoy by themselves, or the perfect size to throw in a margarita!

Half Bottles of Wine

We have a variety of wine splits and half bottles to choose from. A mini bottle of Prosecco could be fun to find in your stocking for some bubbles on Christmas morning, or we also have a variety of reds including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cotes Du Rhone, and others

Bloody Marys

Nothing is more festive than a red and green cocktail, and these miniature fully loaded Bloody Marys are delicious! Four come in a box, so there are plenty to go around with your family (or a couple to give away and a couple to keep.)

And don't forget about our limited supply of 375ml bottles of Joseph Magnus.

Stop by to check out these and other gift ideas, as we'll be rotating the display all season long with premixed drinks, sampler bottles, cocktail mixers, and other miniature beverages to share and enjoy!

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