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Valentines Day Sale

Love is in the air here at The Wine Shop! Whether you are looking for a gift for a special someone, or for a special something to enjoy together this weekend, we have lots of products on sale Friday and Saturday!


~ All sours are 30% off

~ Mixed 12 packs are 10% off

~ Bells Lampshade double IPA is 20% off

~ Dog fish 90 minute imperial IPA is 20%


~ All Rye Whiskey is 10% off

~ All Scotch is 10% off


~Paloma Sparkling Rose is 10% off

~Feliciano felugan Lugana is 10% off

~Cowhorn Syrah is 10% off

~Lucas and Lewellen hidden assets is 10% off

~Les Fluers Blanches is 10% off

~Longevity Cabernet is 10% off

~Elizabeth Rose Pinot is 10% off

~Chockablock is 10% off

Sale runs Friday and Saturday! Sale items are in stock only and limited while supplies last.

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