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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite meals of the year! There's nothing more iconic than turkey and a plate full of sides! And good food always needs good wine.

To pick the perfect Thanksgiving Wine, we've compiled a list of wine pairings for each Thanksgiving side dish. Whether you like white or red, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, extra cranberry sauce or extra stuffing... All you have to do is find your favorite side dish below, and enjoy the perfect wine pairing!


White: Viognier

Red: Willamette Pinot Noir

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

White: Timorasso Red: California red blend


White: Sancerre

Red: Sangiovese

Sweet Potato Casserole

White: Chenin blanc

Red: Spanish grenacha

Cranberry Sauce

White: White Pinot noir

Red: Beaujolais nouveau

Mac n Cheese

White: Chardonnay

Red: Gigondas

Brussel Sprouts

White: Assyrtiko

Red: Bordeaux

Stuffed Mushrooms

White: Grüner

Red: Carmenere

Green Bean Casserole

White: Grenache blanc

Red: Malbec

Butternut Squash Soup

White: Sauvignon Blanc

Red: Oregon Pinot Noir

Baked Brie

White: Jacquere

Red: Shiraz

Potatoes Au Gratin

White: Pinot gris

Red: Zinfandel

Shepherd’s pie

White: Rhone valley white

Red: Merlot

Roasted Carrots

White: Riesling

Red: Garnacha

Pumpkin Pie


Pecan Pie

Ruby Port

Stop by the shop for more pairing recommendations!

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