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Smoke Your Own Whiskey

We are excited to be carrying at-home whiskey smoking kits here at The Wine Shop. These kits were designed for our customers to help you explore and create unique smokey flavors with your favorite whiskeys.

Included in the kit is:

  • Smoker tray

  • Apple wood chips

  • White oak chips

  • Cherry wood chips

  • Hickory wood chips

  • How-To Guide

Cost: $129.00

Wood chip refills: $10

Other fun uses for the kit can be to smoke cocktails (like Bloody Marys) or foods (like salsas)! Have fun!

***We only have 6 kits in stock. Other kits must be pre-ordered***

The smoker logo is customizable if being given as a gift. We expect these to be a popular holiday item, so if you plan to buy one as a gift, we recommend ordering it now so it can be custom made and delivered in time.

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