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Recipe: BBQ Ribs

Baby back ribs pair great with red wine, but the trick is to cook them long and slow so the tender flavor of the meat compliments the juicy flavor of your drink. This slow cooker recipe is easy, and would be fun to make for one of our Friday virtual tastings.


  • 1 rack, baby back ribs (approx. 2-3 pounds)

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Garlic powder

  • 1 bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce—I’d recommend something spicy if you’re pairing it with a bold red wine


  1. Season ribs with equal parts salt, pepper and garlic powder.

  2. Place ribs in slow cooker with the meat side against the wall.

  3. Set aside about 1/3 cup of bbq sauce for later.

  4. Pour the rest of the barbecue sauce all over the ribs, making sure that it coats both sides of the ribs and completely covers them.

  5. Cover the slow cooker and cook on low for approx. 4-6 hours. You want to cook it until the thickest part of the ribs reaches 145f degrees.

  6. Once the ribs are cooked, take them out of the slow cooker and put them on a foil-lined baking sheet.

  7. Use the BBQ sauce that is hanging out in the bottom of your slow cooker as a rub to cover the ribs.

  8. Turn your oven broiler to high and place ribs under broiler.

  9. Watch them carefully as you allow the sauce to caramelize under the broiler for just a few minutes.

  10. Remove from the oven and cut them into sections for easy serving.

  11. If you aren’t going to serve them right away, keep them in your slow cooker on the keep warm setting so they stay nice and tender.

  12. Enjoy!

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