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Featured Wines: Tasting 7/23

This Friday, we are tasting some fun, light, summer wines.

Friday, July 23rd from 3:00-6:00pm

Please visit our covid guidelines to participate in the tasting!

Featured guests: Stephanie

Les Tuilieres Sancerre

Loire Valley (France)

100% Sauvignon Blanc, this very approachable, classic Sancerre is zesty with a hint of grass as well as white fruit on the nose. Crisp on the palate, with pronounced but well-balanced acidity. $32.99

La Domitienne Pique Poul de Pinet

Languedoc (France)

Fruity and floral claret, wild strawberry and rose fragrances in a fresh and delicate combination, balanced by a mineral and savory finish $13.99

Villa des Ange Rose'

Languedoc (France)

Light salmon in color. Fruity, with hints of melon, peaches, strawberries and spring flowers. A simple wine and easy to drink, with fresh sharp notes of cherries and strawberries for a light, soft and simple touch on the palate. A juicy, lively but pure aftertaste with an agreeable and well-balanced acidity. $13.99

Paper Road Pinot Noir

Wairarapa (New Zealand)

This is about the purity of Pinot Noir with spicy savoury and bright, juicy red florals and fruits. It is medium bodied with soft velvety tannins, a mix of tart and sweet cherry fruit with a chocolate touch to the lightly oaked finish and a spicy zestiness to the lingering aftertaste.


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