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Featured Wines: Tasting 5/29

Saturday is game day at The Wine Shop! All of our wines are from the same region. Stop by to see if you can guess where???

Saturday, May 29nd from 3:00-6:00pm

Please visit our covid guidelines to participate in the tasting!

Special Guest: Dave (the wine maker)



This limited release Roussanne wine is both elegant and complex. Its beautiful golden honey color gleams of a warm sunset. The aroma suggests a flowery, herbal tea with orange blossom and lemon. Its rich, full body yields flavors of melon, pears, sweet white fruit, orange, toast and honeysuckle while displaying a balanced acidity and a creamy finish. $14.99

Two Husky


This award winning blend of 95% Syrah and 5% Roussane has a well-rounded mouthfeel and hints of floral notes on the nose. It is a deeply colored and bold wine. Syrah character shines through in the nose with ripe black cherry, blackberry, vanilla and lavender. The French Oak influence softens the wine with aromas of caramel and coffee with hints of toasted oak. $21.99

2012 Reserve Syrah


The 2012 Reserve Syrah is the best of the vintage. Big, bold, well rounded wine with rich dark colors. This Syrah is co-fermented with 2% Viognier in the style of the Northern Rhone region of France. Layers of blackberry, currant, fig and prune are all present. This wine continues to open with notes of caramel, leather, and cedar complementing its complexity. The finish is smooth and lingering with hints of berries and spice.


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