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Featured Wines: Tasting 4/17

Join us Saturday to taste four bold and versatile wines. These are perfect bottles for a happy hour on the porch with friends, or to serve with a hearty meal.

Saturday, April 17th from 3:00-6:00pm

Please visit our covid guidelines to participate in the tasting!

Featured Rep: Alex

Cinquante Cinq Viognier

Loire Valley (France)

This is a truly tranquil wine, with a nose of floral notes like orange blossom, acacia, violet, anise and mint, a palate rich in honey, orange, mango, kiwi and tangerine, and a delicate finish that is crisp and clean with refreshing acidity and a kiss of minerality.


Ecaana Sangiovese

Emila-Romagna (Italy)

From the heart of Italy, this Sangiovese is a sun drenched and full bodied wine. Crisp and light on the palate, with robust red fruity flavors, and a perfectly rounded finish. It makes a great dinner wine or a perfect happy hour porch pounder with some meat and cheese. $14.99

Ecaana Nero d'Avola

Sicilia (Italy)

An intense wine that captures the heart and soul of Sicily. Often compared to cabernet, Nero d'Avola is Sicily's famous grape, with rounded tanins, bold structure, and flavors of black cherry, plum, anise, tobacco, and spiced chilis. $12.99

Dagaz Cabernet

Marco Punto (Chile)

Intense, deep and red ruby color, with a highly complex nose and palate of red fruits, certain spices, as well as minerals from the granite that constitutes the soil. In the mouth it is elegant, with good structure, lots of energy and good acidity. $19.99

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