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Featured Wines: Tasting 3/25

Come celebrate "National Women in Wine Day" with us!

Friday, March 25th from 3:00-6:00pm

Please visit our covid guidelines to participate in the tasting!

Guest: Lisa

Grillo Cavallo Delle Fate Regaleali

Sicily (Italy)

Nice minerality, slightly sweet, light acidity. Citrus forward with a nice blend of peaches, apricot and melon. Slight honey finish as it warms. A lovely wine with seafood and a springtime sunset. $25.99

Regaleali Leone White Blend

Sicily (Italy)

Made chiefly from Catarratto grapes, blended with Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer grapes for structure, aroma and acidity. Subtle apricot, lychee and melon. Light acidity with fresh finish. $18.99

Regaleali Nero d'Avola

Sicily (Italy)

100% Nero d'Avola aged in large Slavonian oak. Deep ruby color, nose of cherry and raspberry, supple palate, lively acidity, silky tannins, lingering finish. Elegance and the perfect balance between austerity and fullness.


Atteca Garnacha

Calatayud (Spain)

A fun fruit forward wine made by an Australian wine maker in Spain! Smoke, honey, and raisins on the nose. Sweet cherry upfront. Silky mouthfeel. Vanilla and pipe tobacco in the midrange. Gentle spice on the finish. $17.99

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