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Featured Wines: Tasting 11/5

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Stephanie is back this week with more fun wines to pair with food as we get ready for the holiday season. These are absolutely delicious!

Friday, November 5th from 3:00-6:00pm

Please visit our covid guidelines to participate in the tasting!

Guest: Stephanie

Hoepler Pinot blanc

Burgenland (Austria)

Light yellow in color with a nose of exotic fruits and pineapple. Juicy and round on the palate, with hints of citrus and fully ripe fruits. Especially recommended with light meat dishes, spicy Asian cuisine and baked food. $19.99

Muller Zweigelt Rose

Göttweiger Berg (Austria)

Bright rosy; fruity strawberry aroma in the nose; gentle berry notes on the palate; light and harmonic, fresh structure.This wine is well suited for any light dishes and also perfect as an aperitif.


Runquist 1448

Shenandoah (California)

“1448” has a deep, rich color that clings to the inside of a wine glass. The hues are youthful, with an edge of magenta. The aromas display blue and red fruits, most notably black raspberry and blueberry. The bouquet features hints of vanilla, spice, violets and lavender. The flavors are succulent and juicy, with plenty of soft ripe fruit framed by a toasted oak creaminess. The tannins are mature and add richness and texture to a finish that has beautiful acid balance. $16.99

Bouncristiani OPC

Napa Valley (California)

A blend of 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Malbec, 24% Syrah and 4% Merlot, that is full of chocolate and cherry notes, with velvety smooth tannins. A complex wine with a winning nose that captures different aspects including floral, dark fruit, oak, and herbs. A savory food wine that surprises with fruit qualities.


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