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Featured Bourbons: Wilderness Trail

We are pleased to be carrying the Wilderness Trail line of bourbons. Wilderness Trail Distillery was founded in 2006 in Danville, Kentucky, by two friends (and former rockers) with a passion for creating the finest bourbon in the world. Their products are hard to find, but always get rave reviews. Here are the items we have in stock currently.

Small Batch Bottled in Bond

Danville, Kentucky

The goal of the Small Batch is to capture the total essence of more complex notes from multiple barrels. The Small Batch release mash bill is 64 percent corn, 24 percent rye and 12 percent malted barley using our yeast strains. The nose is dense with black pepper, smoke, and honey. It tastes of citrus, cigars, with notes of oak and jam. The powerful flavor finishes with lingering flavors of cinnamon and apple.


Straight Kentucky Whiskey Single Barrel Bottled in Bond

Dansville, Kentucky

The Single Barrel selection offers nuances only premium cooper select barrels can create from their toasting and using 18-month-old air-dried staves. In addition, the Bottled in Bond gives you assurance the Bourbon was properly distilled, aged between 5-6 years and bottled at 100 proof. The mash bill is 64 percent corn, 24 percent wheat and 12 percent malted barley using our yeast strains. The nose is packed with vanilla and oak, while the palate tastes of leather and pecans, and a finish rich in caramel.


Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Danville, Kentucky

The Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is offered as a Cask Strength release. A traditional sweet mash process is distilled in column stills entering the barrel at the lowest entry proof we know of in Kentucky. With notes of mint, tobacco, and clove on the nose, it has a sweet, oily taste with loads of spice. The finish is robust and sweet for an out of this world rye.


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