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Featured Bourbon: Copper Sky

Colorado has quite the whiskey scene and we always love supporting new distilleries. We are pleased to have a few of the first ever released bottles of Copper Sky's 13 year old whiskey from our very own Longmont, Colorado. If you want a chance to taste this high proof bourbon, bring your tasting bottle over to the shop. Or big up a bottle retail to share with friends!

Copper Sky 13 year old

Longmont, Colorado

The first thing you notice on the nose is a very prominent alcohol burn. There is a distinct nutty aroma (almonds and cashew) There is a heavy caramel, vanilla perfume, with hints of stone fruit (specifically cherry) and slight wisps of eucalyptus or pine resin. The pallet is first hit with an ethanol burn that's expected with products at this proof. Thick flavors of vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and Mexican marzipan candy. Notes of wild plumbs, and other stone fruit. 135.4 proof

$9 for 2 oz taste (bring your own tasting bottle)

$75.99 for 750ml bottle

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