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Coming Soon

It's been a crazy year, and as we go into fall/winter, I've been trying to think of ways I can help people feel a little more connected and cared for. I love food and I love cooking for people. So I'm working with my friend Catherine (who many of you know from our tastings) to put together a little weekly care package I hope to role out in October.

It will include:

  • Homemade soup

  • Homemade cookies

  • Loaf of bread

  • Bottle of wine

We'd love your input and ideas! What kinds of soups would be yummy? What kinds of wines do you drink in the winter? What would you call this bundle? (Personally, we kind of like the name "Covid Comforts" ...but we'd love suggestions!)

Keep your eye on your email for more information coming in October.

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