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Cocktails: Red Sangria

We've been enjoying a lot of sangria this summer! It has to be one of the most refreshing summer drinks for watching a sunset and enjoying a nice Colorado evening.

We also started carrying Grandma's Sangria. This family owned company is literally selling jars full of their grandma's recipe. Each jar is 750ml of wine at roughly 6% alcohol. It's been a huge hit (if you haven't tried it, you should!)

While it is delicious on it's own, we've also had a lot of conversations about how to jazz it up a bit! Here are a few ideas to make a fun Red Sangria:

All of them use a jar of Grandma's Apple and Raspberry Sangria.

  1. Rosy Sangria: you could mix a jar of Grandma's Sangria with your favorite rose! For a sweeter sangria, go 2 parts Sangria to 1 part Rose. For more wine flavor, go 1:1!

  2. Fruity Sangria: you could mix a jar of Grandmas sangria, with orange juice and lemonade (to taste.) To add a little more kick, a splash of white rum would do the trick.

  3. Slushie Sangria: Pour a jar of Grandma's Sangria into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In a blender, mix the sangria ice cubes with 1/4 cup triple sec, and frozen raspberries.

Of course, Sangria needs to be garnished with fruit! I'd dice up some granny smith apples and grab some raspberries or blue berries for any of these recipes.

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