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Cases of Wine for Thanksgiving

We might be social distancing this year, but that doesn't mean we can't have nice wine!

In addition to our wine raffle, we also have cases of wine available to purchase for the holidays. Both cases have been hand selected by our staff to feature some of our favorite wines that pair perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner.

Each case has

~4 whites

~7 reds

~1 sparkling

Check out our two options:

The Side Dish Collection $175

This case features 12 of our favorite wines that are perfect for dinner or happy hour during your Thanksgiving celebration. Rather you're hosting family for a big dinner or staying home for a cozy holiday, these wines will warm your heart and compliment your meal wonderfully!

The Banquet Dinner Collection $225

Like whipped cream on pumpkin pie, these wines will make your holiday meal extra special. Featuring 12 full bodied and delicious wines. With so many blessings to celebrate this year--our health, our families--raising a glass of one of these wines will surely be a highlight of your celebration!

Stop by the shop or give us a call to order one of these cases today!

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