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Bubbly for New Years

I think many of us are ready to raise a glass to the end of this 2020 chaos and move on to 2021! After the year we've had, we deserve a special New Years celebration!

In keeping with tradition, bubbles are a great way to enjoy all the promise a New Year has to offer. There are lots of different varietals and styles of sparkling wine that can help make your NYE a fun filled party (no matter how you're celebrating this year)!

Here are a few of our favorites:


Champagne, France

The best known of the sparkling wines, Champagne comes from a specific region in France. It is known for its fine bubbles, with flavors of almond, citrus, and white cherry. You'll find it in many styles, but the popular dry champagne is known as Brut.


Veneto, Italy

The well known Italian sparkling wine is Prosecco, which has frothier bubbles than Champagne. The flavor is intense, featuring notes of tropical fruits, banana, hazelnut, vanilla, and honey.


Catalonia, Spain

Cava is iconic at New Years Eve, with its well known black and gold label. The nose is rich with citrus aromas like quince, lime, and lemon. The palate is nutty with almond, hazelnut, and smoke.


New Mexico, USA

The Gruet winery in New Mexico makes fantastic sparkling wines, in the champagne style. They have the light bubble from the French style, but feature tasting notes of stone and mineral with fruits like peach and honeysuckle.

Charles Fox

South Africa

South Africa makes amazing sparkling wines! Adding bubbles to varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, they are known for notes of pear, apple, raisins, and cookies, with bold notes and long finishes. This season, we are featuring the Charles Fox winery.

Chadon Brut

California, USA

Like Champagne, France... Chadon, California is a DOM with an internationally recognized style of sparkling wine. Crisp, fresh and effortlessly cool, Chandon Brut is your go-to choice bubbly for entertaining, sipping and gifting. Signature green apple, pear and citrus notes precede a soft, dry finish.

As always, ask us for a recommendation. We can suggest a bottle for a quiet night at home or a fun (socially distanced) get together with friends!

Cheers to the New Year!

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